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Where to store luggage in Edinburgh Blog

As well as being popular destinations in their own right, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness are also the favourite departure points for sightseeing tours to the beautiful Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Many tours feature travel by mini and midi coaches whose compact size makes them ideal for reaching those out-of-the-way places that big buses just cannot reach.

These smaller vehicles are big on passenger comfort with air-conditioning, comfortable seating and large picture windows. They are the perfect way to discover the best of Scotland

Luggage allowance

Minicoach with luggage

If you are booking a coach tour that is usually operated by a mini or midi coach, there will be a maximum luggage allowance per person. You can find details on the tour webpage, but typically it is a maximum weight of 15Kg and a combined dimension of 115 cm (length + width + depth).

Two or more travellers can consolidate their allowances into a larger suitcase rather than bringing a carry-on bag each.

We are often asked if the restrictions can be extended, but unfortunately, this is not possible due to health and safety reasons so that the coach does not become over-loaded.   

Tours with no luggage restrictions 

Our popular semi-independent "Isle of Skye, Loch Ness and the Highlands" 3-day/2-night tour from Edinburgh and Glasgow has been specifically designed to meet the needs of travellers travelling with larger bags.

Escorted tours, which are operated by luxury motorcoaches, offer a more generous allowance and porterage throughout. Popular choices include the 8-day "Scottish Dream" tour from Glasgow and the 13-day "Scottish Highlands, Islands and Cities" holiday from Edinburgh.

What to do with your excess bags

Left Luggage

Needless to say, pack light, if you can and use layered clothing. If you are coming to Scotland as part of an extended trip, that might not be possible. So if you are travelling on a tour with a luggage allowance, it’s best to plan ahead. 

Many of our passengers find that the accommodation provider where they’ve stayed the night before the tour will be happy to store luggage on a short-term basis, but this might not be practical in some cases. 

To help you out, we’ve put together this helpful guide to luggage storage options in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness. 

Left luggage in Edinburgh 

Edinburgh Airport

If you’re flying in and out of Edinburgh for a short stay, leaving bulky luggage at the airport to collect on your way home could make sense. There’s a left luggage storage facility in the Domestic and International Arrivals Hall, provided by Luggage Point 

Edinburgh Bus Station

The city centre bus station has a limited number of self-service storage lockers, ranging in size and cost. Check the website for up-to-date opening hours and prices. Remember, though – these are very popular with visitors to Edinburgh and get snapped up quickly. 

Edinburgh Waverley Rail Station

Waverley Station Direction Sign

Many rail stations have dispensed with unmanned lockers, but you can use the Excess Baggage Company’s luggage storage service at Edinburgh’s Waverley train station on Princes Street.  

Bookings can be made online in advance, or you can just turn up at their store next to the Calton Road Entrance on Platform 2. Check the website for opening hours, prices and Ts & Cs.

Click here for details:  


‘BagBnB’ luggage storage in Edinburgh

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This sector has grown since the early days of BagBnB (now rebranded as the Radical Storage Company). All offer a similar service, with luggage storage locations throughout the city centre and beyond.

Each company contracts premises like local shops, restaurants and hotels to become ‘hosts’ of your luggage at varying rates. The company carefully vet the premises they use, and online reviews are generally very favourable. We recommend checking their Ts and Cs to ensure they are fully insured.

Here are just a few:


An upgrade on the ‘BagBnB’ luggage storage theme is Unbaggaged. This company will pick up your luggage from any location in Edinburgh, store it safely, and then deliver it back to you at a location of your choice. The company uses black cabs to transport your luggage and offers onward passenger travel from wherever your luggage is delivered.

The ingenious luggage storage service was originally designed to work in tandem with AirBnB providers, who are often asked to store guests’ luggage while they explore the city, but it can be used by any visitor to Edinburgh. 

Check the website for current prices, times and Ts & Cs: 

Left luggage in Glasgow 

Glasgow Airport

You can find a Luggage Point outlet in the main check-in hall at Glasgow Airport. Check the airport website for more details.  

Glasgow Central Station

Glasgow Central Station

The Excess Baggage Company has an outlet at Glasgow Central, the city’s main train station. It's easy to find, the outlet is located on platform 1, near the Union Street Exit. 

Check out the Excess Baggage website for more details.

‘BagBnB’ luggage storage in Glasgow

Glasgow also has its share of luggage storage services on the Radical Storage model, for example, 

As with the rest of these left luggage storage providers, they have a selection of places where you can safely leave your bags and an easy-to-use website where you book and pay for your luggage storage in advance.

Buchanan Bus Station, Glasgow

Secure storage lockers are available at Glasgow’s central bus station, situated across from the Glasgow Royal Concert and Buchanan Galleries. The left luggage facility is available between 07:30 and 23:00 daily. 

All luggage items are subjected to a search before being accepted, and maximum use is 24 hours only.

Click here for information:  

Left luggage in Inverness 

‘BagBnB’ luggage storage in Inverness

Couple packing their suitcase

If you’re based in Inverness and want to take a tour to explore the magnificent scenery surrounding the capital of the Highlands, there are a few smart options.

If you are staying in a hotel or guest house why not ask your provider if they would store your bags while you are away?

Stasher luggage storage has various points in the city where you can safely leave your bags. Visit the Stasher website for details:

There’s also Radical Storage:

Inverness Train Station

Luggage storage lockers are available in the main station building, next to the toilets.

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