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Office block in Glasgow City Centre showing the pink People Make Glasgow logo

Highlights of the Glasgow City Mural Trail

Glasgow’s vibrant and exciting personality makes it a magnet for creatives and lovers of culture. As a visitor you won’t be hard-pressed to find incredible architecture along the bustling streets.

Art in every form can be found throughout Scotland’s largest city too. Whether you’re visiting one of Glasgow’s many galleries, a limited-time collection or exhibition, music venues, coffee shops or even the streets - art is around every corner.

From fans of unique and unconventional pastimes while on holiday, the city centre Mural Trail across Glasgow is the perfect way to get your fix of art and culture while soaking up the sights and the atmosphere of this truly 21st-century city.

Join us as we explore some of the highlights from the Glasgow Mural Trail along with some suggestions on places near to each artwork in case you decide to change course along the way.

Glasgow City Centre Mural Trail Map

Map showing the Glasgow Mural Trail locations in the city centre

The murals have temporary homes throughout the city centre. Construction may mean that artwork is removed, but don't worry, the collection is being added to all the time. 

This map shows the 20 murals that are currently on display in the city centre. They are best visited on foot. 

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Mitchell Street 

Mural painting of a woman with a magnifying glass trying to pick something up from the ground

Located on Mitchell Street slightly off Argyle Street, you’ll spot the huge depiction of a woman with a magnifying glass on the gable end of the building. Created by the artist Sam Bates (who also goes by the name Smug), the impressive piece of art gives the observer the impression that the woman is picking up an object from the street below.

While you’re in the area, take some time to check out Glasgow’s Style Mile which is a fantastic place to spend some of your hard-earned holiday money. Take a stroll through Central Station to see it's grand Victorian architecture and enjoy watching all the hustle and bustle of the trains coming and going.

Also in Mitchell Street, a narrow street just off Argyle Street is the "World's Most Economical Taxi" mural by artist Rogue-One. This imaginative piece shows a man trying to hail a London-style taxi being lifted by colourful balloons.

Continue walking up the street to reach the next mural.

The Glasgow Panda, Gordon Lane

The head of a Giant Panda is painted on the corner of a building

Did you know that Glasgow has a panda? Well, a mural of one at least. Last we checked pandas weren’t native to Scotland.

You can find this hidden giant Panda right at home along the sides of the buildings of one of Glasgow’s most interesting lanes known as the ‘bamboo gates’ on Gordon Lane.

The street artist, who goes by the name of Klingatron, created his work of art by using specially crafted hand-cut stencils to bring his cuddly black and white creation to life.

You’ll have to go to Edinburgh zoo if you’re looking to catch a glimpse of a real panda bear, but while you’re in the area of the Glasgow Panda pay a visit ‘The Lighthouse’ complete with stunning architecture designed by the renowned Scottish artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Fellow Glasgow Residents, Merchant City

A mural depicting the animals that can be found around Glasgow including squirrels, foxes and deer

In the Merchant City, you’ll be spoiled for choice with designer boutiques and stylish cafes that now occupy former warehouses. On the gable end wall across the road from Ingram Street, you’ll encounter an enormous artwork by Smug that goes by the name of “Fellow Glasgow Residents”.

Complete with stunning depictions of Glasgow’s vibrant and unique wildlife - from badgers to foxes, this is one on the mural trail not to be missed. The art pays tribute to Glasgow's large number of parks and green spaces dotted across the city.

Near to this mural, you’re just a short distance from the popular Merchant City where you can find a huge variety of restaurants to satisfy any taste.

Famous Faces, Clutha Bar

Mural painted on the walls of the Clutha Bar showing famous Glaswegians 

The second Art Pistol, Rogue-One and Ejek installment featured on this list, “Famous Faces” pays homage to the popular culture and history of Glasgow. The mural has been carefully crafted to celebrate the wave of bold personalities that have visited the iconic Clutha bar - famous for its live music and unique atmosphere.

The mural was created to breathe much-needed life into what would have become an otherwise derelict building.

Just around the corner from this location, you can pay a visit to The Briggait, which was formerly a Victorian market which has since been converted into an event space packed full of artist studios. You’re also just a short walk away from the St Enoch Centre on the Style Mile, which is a popular shopping mall for visitors and local Glaswegians alike.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Clutha Bar

Painting of the famous Glasgow designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh 

While some might argue that this is just another part of the incredible Famous Faces mural, we think that this piece deserves a shout-out of it’s own.

The eye-catching portrait mural of Charles Rennie Mackintosh does an exceptional job of portraying the artist’s own distinct flairs including the iconic Rennie Mackintosh rose while making the art feel new, fresh and in step with the city.

This mural sits right near the banks of the River Clyde. Once you’ve taken some time to soak up the incredible portrait of this beloved Scottish artist, take a stroll along the river and enjoy some of Glasgow’s most beautiful architecture from the riverfront.

St Mungo, High Street

While the piece is officially untitled, “St Mungo” as it is referred to, is another stunning mural by artist Smug. Completed in 2016, this particular work of art depicts a bearded man wearing an anorak jacket surrounded by a couple of robin redbreasts.

When it was first completed, the image of the mural gained a huge amount of social media interest, being shared well over 1 million times in just the first week alone.

In this part of Glasgow, you’ll be standing in the historic heart of the city. From High Street, you have easy access to the impressive Glasgow City Chambers, the magnificent Glasgow Cathedral, as well as the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art.

Billy Connolly Murals, Old Wynd, Gallowgate and Dixon Street

Mural of the popular Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly 

Glasgow is home to 3 different Billy Connolly murals. In commemoration of the famous Scottish comedian’s 75th birthday, these three mural portraits were commissioned.

All three portraits have since been showcased in a special BBC Scotland programme “Billy Connolly: Portrait of a Lifetime” which you can now find on the BBC iplayer if you’d like to learn more before you see these incredible works of art for yourself.

From the mural found just off of St Enoch Square on Dixon Street, you can head right back onto Argyle or Buchanan Street where you’ll be able to find a bite to eat or browse some of the many shops Glasgow has to offer.

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Now that we’ve given you a taste of the incredible culture and art murals that Glasgow has to offer, it’s time to get the ball rolling and start planning the trip to remember.

Many of our tours include a day where you’ll have the opportunity to get a feel for Glasgow. Here at Scottish Tours, we see it as our mission to show you every corner of the incredible country that we call home - and we feel that the Glasgow City Mural Trail is a great way to explore the city.

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